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* A small introduction in english
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* A poster from the Kuckuck label with many of the Deutschrock groups from the 70's listed
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* Links for Sonny Hennig/Ihre Kinder
* Links for Hannuman/Lied des Teufels
* Links for Checkpoint Charlie
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A small introduction in english about "Deutschrock" :

In Germany in the seventies there were very progressive evolutions, which reflected also in an openness to a new kind of music. In no other country it was ever as much progressive as here.
A few important terms are important here to remember : Krautrock, which is a indefiniable fusion-style of everything what happened in Germany those days, from free-jazz to rock upto the influence from the contempory music from Stockhausen. "Theutonic" is being is something more local, typical German, mostly only be fully understood by people living in  Germany or knowing German language. DEUTSCHROCK are the groups who did play a more progressive music too, or who were at least in some kind of progressive or politically reactive movement, but who are intirely German and made for German, and with important song texts sung or spoken in German language.
A very good book has been written about it, called : THE DEUTSCHROCK- LEXICON , from Von Wolfgang Wilholm (Lexicon Imprint Verlag). The texts I used in my radioshow on Deutschrock were mostly based upon the information found in that book. Various parallels can still be found in English in"Crack in the Cosmic Egg" from Alan Freemann and in "Cosmic Dreams at Play" from Dag Erik Asbjornsen (with some differences). Both books are  recommend for people wanting to discover interesting new musical territories within the progressive rock area close with its influences of new music, psychedelia etc..These two books are generally about Krautrock. Cosmic Dreams also covers a few highly original folk related artists. This page is more about Deutsrock only. Krautrock info you'll find at next page.

Deutschrock-artists can be categoriezed in two types :
the Germain styled progressives and the Political Rock groups.

From Deutschrock I can recommend to foreigners the album of Ernst Schultz : Paranoia Picknick **** and also the first two works of Tone Steine Scherben will be liked by more people aldough his double album is much more progressive.
The works of the German styled progressives is not enough known to me yet. Xhol Caravan's firstfor instance is recommended. Such albums which are not so language-based might also better be described under Krautrock.
This page will now continue with the text from my radioprgram about the Deutschrock in the seventies. At the end of the article you will find the existing links to the important names.     up

  LINKS FOR DEUTSCHROCK (all in German except indicated) :


An few pages introduction about both "Deutschrock" and Krautrock in english you can find at
There used to be an introduction about the Deutschrock and Krautrock groups from the Kuckuck label by a collector at and a list of all titles from the label you to see at ; renewed link unknown).
The label for Sonny Hennig,Ihre Kinder,Lied des Teufels,Hanuman, Ernst Schultz and some others,
and the distribution of many others you can find at :
At the juke box you can find some information and several MP3 audio samples.
A German Progressive, Krautrock,Deutschrock page (with a few words about Ihre Kinder,..):

German Rock magazine page :
in english :
German songtexts :
German radiostations used to be atup


From all the lots of pages from Reiser and Tone Steine Scherben did I ordered them here. 
(All links with one -indicated- exceptions are in German language) :

Introduction about Rio Reiser : (not updated)
Rio Reiser official homepage :  and  and home page from the label :
See also
E-mail adres : and
Rio Reiser intro :
Very short review about Reiser used to be at
Fan Page :
(more fan pages at the end ; for the rest I linked seperate subject-pages)

Introduction about Ton Steine Scherben :
Official home page :
Introduction about Ton Steine Scherben : in english. and used to be at
Fan-page :
Article at
Personel from Reiser during the years :

Biography :
Short Biography : and
Biography Rio Reiser :
Biography with lots of pictures :
Official biography :
Biography from the label :

Discography :
Discography including singles and pictures of covers :
Discography from the label with album covers :
Discography with album covers :
Ton Steine Scherben IV cover :
About Live 2 :
Albums with covers from Scherben, Reiser :

What else curriculum :
Extra merit beside what's in the discography :
What else he did (+ pictures he has taken) :
About Reiser's being gay used to be at :

Book about Rio, Scherben :
About the book about Scherben :
(PS. "about the movie" you can see more beneath).

Pictures :
Official pictures from Reiser :
Pictures from Reiser :
Pictures from Reiser :
Pictures and review from University student about Scherben :
Biography ( so link I used before at biography) with lots of pictures :
(PS. A few (but I think you saw them all before) pictures from Reiser you can also find at :

Audio files :
Audio samples (intervieuws and songs) :
Audio files from Reiser, Scherben :
Page with dates,video,audio :
Audio samples from the album "König von Deutschland you can ear at :
A few Beatles-covers (with some comments) you can hear at

Lyrics :
Lyrics from songs from Tone Steine Scherben :
Lyrics from Reiser's songs : (all titles alphabetically : from his albums : and from his singles : and for theatre : and for other singers :
Analysis from his texts :
Rio Reiser's influence of texts on the environement :
Text from "König from Deutschland" :
Text "Ich denke an dich" :

Sheet music :
Chords for the songs from Reiser :
Songtext with notes from « Der Turm sturtzt ein" :

Video files  :
Video fragments from Reiser :
Video files from Reiser :
Page with dates,video,audio : (so link also at audio)
See also : "about the movie".

About the movie :
About the movie (with sample) :
    (Homepage from the movie-label :

Reviews :
Reviews from Reiser's records :
Links to all articles about Reiser :
Pressanouncements from Reiser :
Press announcements :

Interviews :
List of published intervieuws with Reiser :

In Memoriam :
Some comments around the death of Reiser:
About the deathmask and death announcements (with apropriate music sound fragment) used to be at Renewed page not known.
(Announcement from the death of Reiser by Sony used to be at
What happened after his death : (with inspiration to
Blixa Bargeld about Rio's death :
Rolling Stone page (in German) about the loss of Reiser :
Articles about death Reiser :
Review after his death :

The Rio Reiser House, Foundation, Contest :
About the Rio Reiser house :
About Rio Reiser's house , Fresenhagen used to be at : (no renewed link known)
About the Rio-songwriter price there used to be a link at (no new link known)

Cover groups, inspirations :
Friends and collegues from Reiser :
Inspiration to other groups after Rio's death (was linked before at in memoriam) :
Inspirations from the songs from Reiser :
An analysis about Reiser's influence on society :
Short review with few links to equal political inspired organisations :
Bands influenced by Reiser :
Junimond, a tribute to Reiser band :
Cover band : Die Flut (witht samples which didn't work when I tried: )
Cover-band Die Erben des Scherben :
Cover band John Bande und der 8.Tag :
Cover Band Neues Glass an den alten Scherben used to be at
Bushfunk :
Turtle Attack :
Fan page and links to similar modern (terror and punk) groups :
(PS. Rio Reiser was called the grand father of the punk because of the content of his songs rather that the style of his music).

Pinboard, chats :
Pinboard about Reiser :

Order music :
Available music Reiser :
To order Ton Steine Scherben used to be at

(Fan pages (seperatly from pages) :
Fan Page :
Specialised fan-page about Rio Reiser and Ton Steine Scherben (I linked his seperate pages before) :
Fan-page from university student :
(another fan page :
(Fan page from Austria used to be at
Fan page and links to similar modern (terror and punk) groups : (is being linked before too).up


Official home page should be (but link does not work any more ?)
An introduction about Ihre Kinder (with pictures) used to be at
An introduction in english you can read at :
A general introduction fom the label :
Audio files and a bit information about his album Tränengas you can find at :
and also at the "juke box" from the already mentioned
Sound file samples from the album "Live '82" you can hear at : up


Introduction and cover from Lied des Teufels used to be
and at :
A little bit about them in english you can read at
Hanuman :    up


Normally their homepage should be :
(but there's an error right now) An introduction in english you'll find at :
An introduction with pictures you can find at :
The cover of their later album you can see at :    up


An introduction in English you can read at :
A short review with covers from their first three albums you can read and see at :
and from some (other) albums at :
Click the titles of their albums if you want to hear sound fragments from "Fliessband Babys Beat-show",
from "Mumien und Vietnam",from "Tilt & Prima Freiheit",and from "Kolowsky und Faaterland"
The web-page from Vridolin Enxing, composer from Floh De Cologne with several sound files from Floh De Cologne and his other projects you can find at :
E-mail :
The label from Floh De Cologne is actually a Krautrock label, Ohr.
(their list (with value of albums at                           up


Information from the group Volks-Musik you can find at :
A web-page (in english and German) about the group Birthcontrol you can find at : (Later this link will be moved to the Krautrock section).
Normally the German singer songwriters is another genre called "Liedermacher",
but I mention one exception : A fan-page about Georg Kreisler no longer works.

Festival of political songs in Berlin :
(What is a protest song at :

Samples from "Hits und Antihits" from Open Ohr Festival 25 years you can hear (with several different groups) when you click the title.
Sound samples of old and new Deutschrock you can see listed from at :      up

KRAUTROCK is listed at another page : Krautrock
Other related webpages : German prog folk.
A review page of new items you can visit too.up